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Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain) – The Mountain Of Wonderful Mysteries

Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain), The mountain of wonderful mysteries

What is Bai Tho Mountain?

Referring to the place of Halong, many people will immediately think of Halong Bay, one of the 7 new natural wonders of the world. But this is not the only destination that attracts you when coming to this coastal city. This famous mountain is a familiar check-in place for young people to dragon land. For the people of Quang Ninh, Poem Mountain is located in the heart of the romantic Halong Bay, a proud historical place with beautiful natural scenery.

The mountain is 200m high compared to the sea level, although not too high, it is enough for tourists standing on the top of the mountain to have a panoramic view of Quang Ninh city as well as the entire Halong Bay. Conquering Poem Mountain is not too hard or exhausting as many people think. Because this mountain is not too high, it will only take you about 30 minutes to be able to set foot on the top of the mountain. The best time to see the scenery is at sunset and at sunrise. If you intend to catch the sunrise, climb from about 4:30 am and around 16:00 if you want to catch the sunset.

On the highest peak of Poem mountain, there is a red flag with a yellow star fluttering from the years of resistance against France, a reminder of the tenacious tradition of the Vietnamese people. On the journey to conquer the summit of Poem Mountain, visitors can see hundreds of undulating limestone mountains associated with the legend of the Dragon land. At the foot of the mountain, tourists also visit Long Tien Pagoda and Duc Ong Temple.

At night, you can not only watch the moon shining brightly in a corner of the sky, the twinkling stars are flashing, but also the mysterious Bay in the dark night. Besides, Halong City is shimmering with lights. The air here is fresh and cool all year round, so at any time you can take a climbing trip, conquering the peak of Bai Tho. You will enjoy, immerse yourself in nature, feel peaceful and take shimmering, unique photos!  


Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain)

The climb to the Halong Bay secret viewpoint involves bribing, puppies, rock climbing, blood, sweat, and tears. If you’re ready for the best view in Ha Long Bay, then you’re in the right place

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What To Expect At Bai Tho Mountain

Once you begin the hike, the path consists of stairs until halfway up. From there it is rocks which you have to climb over, which can be difficult. The whole ordeal is completely worth it. You are rewarded with the best view of Halong Bay at the top.

Once you reach a small building, you can climb onto the roof, please take extra care when doing this, it is totally worth doing. It was the best view of Halong Bay we have witness. You will see the limestone formations and the tiny boats below, it is honestly the best experience we did in Vietnam.

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The entrance to Bai Tho Mountain or Poem Mountain as it is also known as can be found here.

Find the blue door pictured below, this is the entrance to the house that will lead you to the Halong Bay Viewpoint. There will be a few dogs behind the door so be careful.

We read a lot about the scary dogs but the owner came out to calm them down. The only reason the dogs are barking so much is because she had given birth to puppies the day before. She was being a protective muma!

There are several puppies as you walk through the house and one even joins some climbers on the hike. We got to the top and a group of backpackers had the owner’s dog guiding the way.

We walked through the house, into the garden, and found the homeowner. We paid her 1000,000 VND [$3.38] and she was not open to anything lower. As we were shocked we had got this far so we happily paid her.

Not only did this make her happy but she helped us climb up. Without her help, I (Milly) wouldn’t have been able to do this climb. As we got to the wall other people were turning back, claiming it was too difficult for them to do.

Previously there was a gate to the left which most people climbed around. Since then the government has placed barbed wire around the edge to stop people doing this. This has resulted in people scaling the rock face and UNDER the gate, which someone has kindly cut a hole in.

How To Climb Bai Tho Mountain 🧗🏼

The first step was to bribe the homeowner, the next step is the rock face. You will have to scale this wall and slide under the fence at the top. If you are lucky like us, the homeowner will come and help you get up.

When I started to climb, she grabbed my legs and put my feet into the right holes. She also pushed me up until she couldn’t reach me anymore. I stupidly wore a playsuit, so she got a great view while I was climbing up. She was amazing and without her help, I wouldn’t have been able to climb this wall.

She doesn’t speak a word of English which is why she is very hands-on, but she wears gloves!

The final step is to climb up the stairs. The ground can be uneasy so take care where you are stepping. Halfway up, the stairs stop and the path consists of rocks which you will have to climb over.

The photos really do speak for themself as to how amazing this viewpoint in Halong Bay is. Even though this was a tough climb for me, I was so proud of my self for completing it. Even though we looked exhausted and defeated at the top, we didn’t care that we were dripping with sweat.

We sat on the edge and watched the eagles sore below us. It was insane to be the same height as these birds we had admired from the ground.

↠ The climb to the Halong Bay secret viewpoint depends on your personal fitness level. We read it could take anything between 20 minutes to an hour to reach the top. It took us two hours from start to finish, which included sitting at the top for a while and taking chúng tôi yourself enough time to get up and back down before it’s dark. You do not want to climb back down in the dark.

↠ Another thing to beware of is the house you must walk through to reach the Halong Bay Viewpoint is someone’s home. She might not always want people walking in and out so don’t be alarmed if she turns you away. We had no problem with her but we have read others have.

↠ This climb can be dangerous, the rocks are not secure and there are very steep drop-offs. Don’t do this alone but if you are planning to, then tell someone where you are going.

↠ Make sure you bring plenty of water! Like anywhere in Vietnam it is hot and humid and hiking up a mountain makes it that much worse.

How do I get to Bai Tho Mountain? Simply order a grab to this location. Once here, find the blue house to enter and up the stairs.

What do I wear to climb Bai Tho Mountain? Wear trainers and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Is it hard to climb Bai Tho Mountain? The initial rock climb is hard but doable. The walk-up is also doable, but take your time and don’t rush.

How long does it take to get up to the Halong Bay Viewpoint? It took us an hour and a half to climb up, sit at the top, take photos, and get back down again.

How much do I need to bribe the homeowner? This really depends on her mood, we paid 100,000VND each, others have paid less.

A lot of people who visit Halong Bay not stay within the town as they are here for a cruise, and will be sleeping on a boat. But if you want to visit Bai Tho Mountain you will most likely end up staying in Halong Town. Here are some accommodation options in Halong Bay.

The best time to visit Vietnam is in the dry season. Typically the dry season in Vietnam is between November – February, the temperature is a little cooler and their humidity and mosquitos are a lot less intense.

Things To Do In Halong Bay

There is so much to do in Halong Bay, most of which involve boat tours around the bay. We have listed some of our favorite things we did.

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Bai Tho Mountain – A New Adventure Spot

Have you had a chance to admire all those stunning photos of Halong Bay from above? If you think that they are always taken from a helicopter, then you make a mistake. In the city of Halong, there is a mountain top called Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain), from which you can behold the whole stunning panoramic view of Halong Bay as well as Halong City. Tours in Laos

Situated on the coastline of Halong Bay, Bai Tho Mountain, which translates to “Poem”, is a very huge mountain lying on the land and extending out into the bay. From the 186 meters height of Bai Tho Mountain, tourists can certainly see an enormous stretch of land and sea when exploring the mountain. Resembling a beautiful castle, the mountain seems to be made of three peaks that reach high into the sky.

Bai Tho Mountain, which is accessible by water and land, is an ideal place for visitors to relax and enjoy the nice view.

Situated on the coastline of Halong Bay, Bai Tho Mountain, which translates to “Poem”, is a very huge mountain lying on the land and extending out into the bay. From the 186 meters height of Bai Tho Mountain, tourists can certainly see an enormous stretch of land and sea when exploring the mountain. Resembling a beautiful castle, the mountain seems to be made of three peaks that reach high into the sky.

Bai Tho Mountain, which is accessible by water and land, is an ideal place for visitors to relax and enjoy the nice view.

How to reach Bai Tho Mountain?

First, you can go to Hon Gai by catching a taxi from your hotel. Even the way lead to the mountain, which is near a small alley situated at number 102 Le Thanh Tong Road, is less known by many locals as it is quite difficult to find. It is better to ask the locals for direction when you are near this road. Then you will see a locked gate after going deep into the alley and do not be shy to ask the person living in the house right next to the door as she/he is exactly the gatekeeper. Alova cruise

Entrance fee

For the gatekeeper, who will open the gate and allow you to freely discover the mountain, you will need to pay 10,000 VND/person (around 0.5 USD).

What to prepare for the climb up Bai Tho Mountain?

Although not really easy, climbing this mountain is not too hard. You will actually need to hold on to trees and rocks to climb up at some point when there is no step anymore. It is highly recommended to being with you comfortable and non-slippery shoes. As it is hard to find the way to climb down when it gets dark, all climbing trips should be made before 4.p.m.

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Bai Tho Mountain: Discover Ha Long From The Top!

When referring to Ha Long, people often think of Halong Bay – the UNESCO World Heritage site with thousands of islands, white sandy beaches, and delicious seafood. It’s certainly packed with things to see – check out our list of top 20 Halong Bay attractions!

Bai Tho Background

Bai Tho Mountain is a limestone mountain 200 meters high, located in the heart of Halong city. This mountain is quite special: half of its foothills rove over the land, and the other half are immersed in the ocean. People have a long history of interpreting the mountain’s shapes to look like a lying tiger, a preying lion, or a dragon preparing to fly.

Culture and History

Not only does the mountain have a high value in regard to tourism, Bai Tho Mountain also has a rich, storied role in the culture and history of this province.

A long time ago, Bai Tho Mountain was called Truyen Dang Mountain (Lighthouse/Light Projecting Mountain). Legend has it that soldiers perched atop the mountain would use their high vantage point to announce oncoming aggressors by lighting up the top of the mountain to warn the city below.

In 1468, King Le Thanh Tong patrolled the northeast coast by boat and stopped at the foothill to drink wine and recite a poem. Touched by the charming scenery of natural mountains and sea, King Le Thanh Tong had the poem carved into a cliff face.

From that time forward, people have chosen to call this place Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain).

How to Get to the Best Viewpoint

This is not the highest mountain in the city, but it is an ideal location for you to admire the entirety of the bay and the city from above. From the central post office downtown, one can easily find their way to climb the mountain.

– Go straight along Le Thanh Tong Street to see Nam Phong Coffee at Hang Noi Town.

– Turn into the opposite road. Bai Tho Mountain road is a small lane and you have to go up through the local houses there. You can ask people here and they are enthusiastic to show you the way to go up.

on the Top

After 30 minutes of hiking, you can rest your feet on the top of Bai Tho Mountain.

Apart from the poem engraved in the stone; you will also be able to enjoy the impressive vista stretching out below. Standing at the top of Bai Tho Mountain, you can see the whole city of Halong.

A small note: if you see signs warning of a misty sky or potential rains, you probably should not go up because there is no shelter. Moreover, when you see the sky is very cloudy, your visibility will be very limited, which makes it difficult to see the sights below.

Have you been up Bai Tho Mountain? Send us in your pics for a chance to be featured in a future post!